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So you can lesson this risk by hiding the base station so the burglar won't find it within the 30 second grace period. If the burglar destroys the keypad, the police will still be alerted. A lot of other security companies do offer smash and crash protection such as Frontpoint. Even if the base station is destroyed, it will still alert the monitoring system if the pending alarm is not disarmed. No home automation. Home automation lets you control your home even when you're away.

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Total minimum cost for installation and 36 month alarm monitoring is $1613.

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The features available with home automation and home security systems are nearly endless.

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In fact, nine out of 10 current customers say they would recommend us to those who matter the most… their own friends and family.

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She also added a button that could be pushed to signal a security firm, watchman, or nearby neighbor in the event of trouble, as well as a button that could unlock the front door remotely.